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A bleach solution or rubbing alcohol is your best bet for keeping your home sanitized. Posted by Houselogic

Today marks Day 12 of the Shelter-in-Place order, as directed by Alameda County and then the Governor’s mandate in CA. We were among the first counties to have this order. During those first few days, panic ensued, my heart raced, a level of adrenaline ran through me…
Welcome home to luxurious Vineyard Hills in Pleasanton, CA! Come home to stunning views from all around this majestic home. 5 spacious bedrooms, bonus room, tech center and 3.5 bathrooms with approx. 3,650 square feet of living. The stunning lot is just over 1/2 acre.
Declutter! Consider it pre-packing for your move. Box up books, clothes, and personal items and place them (neatly!) in the garage or — better yet — a rented storage unit.
You don't need to be Bob Barker to know when the price just isn't right. Just ask Candace Talmadge. She originally listed her Lancaster, Texas, home for $129,000, but "eventually had to accept the market reality" and chop $4,000 off the price.
Repair and replace door hardware that makes rooms look dingy and outdated. We’ll show you how door and cabinet pulls, knobs, and hinges can give your home new sparkle.

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